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Lee Residential NYC has a strong focus on landlord representation. Presently, it has more than 300 units that it exclusively represents. Lee Residential provides a vast array of services to landlords, including:

  • Pricing strategies, which are vital for landlords to maintain maximum residential NOI throughout shifting market seasons.
  • Personal evaluations of each prospective tenant, which not only take into consideration credit and financials but also how each individual tenant’s residency would affect an entire building.
  • Advising on renewals that are fair to tenants in good standing, but which also allow landlords to cover rising expenses.
  • Advising on the cost of renovations and the new rents and paybacks that can be achieved through apartment upgrades.
  • Showing apartments 7 days per week from 8AM to 8PM.
  • Maximum exposure for all properties which includes marketing apartments in all major venues including StreetEasy, Trulia, and Naked Apartments.
  • Cooperating with the entire brokerage community.
  • Outlining pro formas for prospective acquisitions that take into consideration up-to-the-minute market trends.
  • Providing accurate estimates of the rents that can be achieved on single-unit condominium investments, and keeping those units leased year-round.

Adam Frisch founded Lee Residential NYC in 2013, and he views the company’s role as a leasing agent to be similar to that of a portfolio manager.

Landlords who have listed their properties with Lee Residential NYC have seen as much as 30% higher revenues. They have seen higher quality of tenants as shown through far lower default rates and far higher renewal rates.

Lee Residential never loses sight of a landlord’s primary objective: to achieve the highest possible rents with the lowest possible vacancy.

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