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When listing your apartment with Lee Residential NYC, you will find expert guidance throughout the entire process from the first open house to the closing.


Accurately pricing your property is an integral step in selling it. In many ways, the most important stage of selling your property is the first week it is on the market. It is vitally important that the momentum of the first week be maximized.

If you price too high and do not garner adequate activity during the first week that the listing is marketed, you will never be able to regain the listing’s prior momentum. When you subsequently drop the price, you will frequently have to drop it far less than you would have if the property had been accurately priced in the first place.

On the contrary, if you price too low, you will frequently attract buyers who, sensing an “anxious seller,” will make offers that are significantly below even your under-market price.


Lee Residential NYC markets your property in all major print/web venues. Lee Residential pays for professional photographs and floor plans. Lee Residential co-brokes with all major brokerage firms in New York City and will send your property out to more than 10,000 agents within 24 hours of your signing an exclusive agreement.

Negotiating and Closing

Lee Residential agents will negotiate tirelessly on your behalf. They will bring you as many offers as possible and will use their skills to play the offers against each other, ensuring the highest contract-price.

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